man playing a race car game

Unleash Your Inner Child

Disney isn’t Florida’s only amusement park — you don’t even have to leave Miami to find one. With an arcade, go-kart track, “Ninja Warrior” obstacle course, and more, Dezerland Park is ideal for family outings, special celebrations, and teambuilding alike. Head out, and keep an eye on the clock; time flies when you’re having fun.

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How It Works

Plan your stay at our resort and experience the excitement and fun of Dezerland Park with some exclusive perks. Guests staying at our hotel get a $10 Arcade Credit and ticket discounts of 20% off!*

*To claim $10 Arcade Credit, please see the Concierge for a Play Card.
*To claim 20% off tickets, guests need to show their room key at Dezerland Park.